Unexpected home defeat of Pelister by Teteks

In Bitola, the old sport football rule was repeated, if you do not score, you receive, and “Pelisterci” with the goal in the referee extension of the first half received, two minutes, received the first goal this spring.

The 18-meter-high wind Mihajlovski kick came under the lock of the home-keeper and the result went to rest. In the second half, Pelister played with one player more, but no goal, and then sales. With this first spring defeat, Pelister’s team moved away from the coveted second place and is now with 26 points in fifth place, and the competitors in this first round of the third round have lost.

Now, Labunista’s team has a five-point lead over Pelister in second place.

Pelisteri and the next round play on Saturday, welcome the team from Vlazerimi.