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Stojcevski: We have repaid half of the debt, now the goal is to return to the First Division

Just a week after the start of the Pelister football preparation, the owner, Pece Stojcevski, said about the ambitions of the club, the players, the problems in the club:

“What I have announced at the beginning of the preparations is my wish and of course all the members of the management, the footballers, the fans, all the people who love the sports betting in Bitola, is the return of Pelister to the First Division, wherever he is We had that goal last season, but you know the club took us in 7-eight rounds when Pelister had only two points. “At that time I said that with such a bad start we’re just trying to get into the league survival, because if we continue this badly, we would be relegated from league two, but I said that if we had the chance, we would fight for a place in the First Division for which we missed three or four rounds But now this is over and now we are all working to be the first team this year A. I have to say that the second goal we have not achieved is not that important, we have the youth in the Youth league back because they too got off.

What budget does Pelister have and how was the outstanding debt that you inherited solved?

“We can not budget this year and plan it completely because we have a big problem because the heirs of previous owners, who are still largely unsettled, have a big problem – we’ve returned some of them, but most of what they cover Half of the debts are repaid and half are not, these debts are the biggest grief of this government and I was told at the club’s takeover that some of the debt would be paid off with the help of the previous owners And all of this was mediated by the municipality of Bitola, which still owns some of the shares, but nothing has been done yet and it is up to us to appeal to the previous owners and the municipality of Bitola to have a hearing and to say what should be completed, and then we will continue to the goal.