Ilijoski and Glavevski crashed Skopje

Pelister – Skopje 2:0 (0:0)

Under Tumbekafe at City Stadium, the two First Division teams dropped out in the 22nd round last year, defeating Pelister 2-0 (0-0).

With this victory, the team of Pelister remains in the game of return to the First League by a flood of games, because with three points or 33 in total, they have in the team of Gostivar, which today has 32 points.

The team was led by his assistant Dimche Ristevski by the penalty on Pelister’s first training, Darko Krsteski.

The Pelister team won in the second half with goals from Riste Ilijovski in the 66th minute and Blagojce Glavevski in the 86th minute.

The first part was a sign of bad and disorganized play on both sides. The most mature opportunity was Riste Ilijoski, whose close-range shot saved Christian Stevkovski.

The visitors had the chance to save Blagoja Samchevski at the start of the second half, and in the 66th minute after Blagoja Samchevski’s center, Riste Ilijoski’s header was beaten by Pelister to make it 1-0. In the 87th minute Blagojcev Glavevski scored the 2: 0.